Franchising has always been a core business in Peter’s financial world and he has invested in many new and exciting concepts.



His most recent franchise venture is Dogtopia, a dog daycare, which in the eight short years since his acquisition has grown from 20 franchises to 82 with an additional 161 in the pipeline. Peter is also an investor in the Canadian Dogtopia region, the Seattle Dogtopia region and is a co-owner of Dogtopia of Highland Ranch in Colorado.

Dogtopia was one of the early pioneers in the dog daycare industry and has had over 15 years to refine and perfect the model, including the model used for franchisees. As both an investor and franchisee, Thomas truly believes in the brand, the company, and the purpose it serves. Dogtopia is experiencing impressive growth and the demand for the brand, the flexibility of the model and the availability of prime territories are only helping fuel growth. He believes there has never been a better time to franchise with Dogtopia.

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Century 21

Thomas founded Century 21 Real Estate Canada Ltd in 1976. Thomas served as Chairman until he sold his rights in 1987, when the company had $9 billion in annual sales and employed over 8000 sales representatives with over 400 franchises, making it the largest real estate network in the country at that time.