Sharing his guidance, enthusiasm and knowledge with others continues to be Peter’s passion. He does this through speaking engagements and his many books: Windows of Opportunity, Never Fight with a Pig, Passport to Business Success, LifePilot, Be Great, Be Great in Business and he is currently working on Be Great at 80. All monies raised are donated to charity.

Books Written by Peter


Peter has always made fun a top priority in his life.  He loves cars, boats and planes and music of all kinds, especially Elvis.  When he turned 50 he had such a passion for country music he decided to go on the Board of the Country Music Association and financed a record company and a few artists.  Peter is always up for new adventures and has jumped out of an airplane, piloted a helicopter, raced cars, swam with sharks, ran a marathon and zip lined, to name a few.  He has clocked hundreds of miles on numerous Harleys and has recently graduated to a Bombardier trike. He’s an avid hiker, scuba diver and exercises daily.  He loves movies and reading and hanging out with family and friends.  He has seen the world many times over and still loves to travel to new and exciting places especially while cruising on his yacht.  And most of all he loves to laugh!


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Celebrating Peter's 80th Birthday