Meet Rita

Rita is passionate about life and loves healthy food and anything related to longevity. She is innately curious and is on a constant quest for learning and studying the newest, latest, and greatest discoveries. Her fun times involve hanging out with Peter and her family and friends, staying physically active through many various forms of exercise especially hiking, scuba diving, reading, writing, cooking, meditating, listening to podcasts, watching documentaries, and traveling the world. Philanthropy is also high on Rita’s passion list and she sits on various charitable boards.

Rita has been following the teachings of optimal health her entire adult life by traveling the world, attending conferences, listening to countless podcasts and webinars, and graduating from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, the world’s largest nutrition school. To inspire people to live healthy lifestyles, Rita teamed up with a close friend and executive chef Erin Holm to publish LifeDiet, a simple guide to healthy eating. LifeDiet is a supplement to LifeManual, she and her husband co-wrote about living a life in alignment with your values, which was taught all over the world through a program called LifePilot. Erin and Rita decided to write LifeDiet after discovering that LifePilot participants almost always listed health as one of their key values and yet they didn’t really know how to live a healthy lifestyle.

Erin and Rita combined forces once again to publish two new books under the Recipes for Life Brand: The Power of Healthy Living and Delicious Meets Nutrition. They have currently combined forces with nutritionist Meesh Coles to create their third book yet to be named.