Noble Causes

Making A Difference

Peter established the Thomas Foundation early on in his career and has contributed to numerous charitable organizations over the years. Highlighted below are a few that he is most passionate about.

EO and EO GSEA’s

One of the greatest benefits of reaching success is being allowed the opportunity to give back, not only financially but also in a mentoring capacity.  Very early on in his career, Peter became an active member of the Young Presidents Organization “YPO” which is a global platform for chief executives to engage, learn and grow through the world’s most influential and innovative business leaders.

With what he learned through YPO and his many amazing mentors, Peter was very proud to become one of a small group of individuals who breathed life into a nonprofit organization developed to serve a younger demographic of entrepreneurs to learn and grow.  This organization was initially known as The Young Entrepreneurs Organization now known all over the world as EO. Peter serves as the organizations Chairman Emeritus and considers the success of EO and his small part in that success to be one of his proudest accomplishments.  EO currently has 13,000+ members with 179 chapters in 57 countries and growing.

The Entrepreneurs Organization runs an additional program, for an even younger demographic of entrepreneurs, called the EO Global Student Entrepreneur Awards Program or “GSEA” which is an awards program for high school, undergraduate and graduate students who own and operate a business.   Peter has also been very involved in the growth and funding of this program as he is very enthusiastic about supporting and mentoring future business leaders.

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Peter feels very fortunate to have been allowed to become an “Entrepreneur” and views the role of an entrepreneur like that of a doctor, lawyer, professor or any other professional career.  Like these professions, our world would not be able to operate without entrepreneurs.  Peter feels very invested in EO and loves to contribute in any way that he can.  Being around young people has also been one of his secrets to staying young.


Peter lost his only son Todd on February 1, 2000 to suicide.  After Todd’s tragic death, Thomas decided to turn a negative into a positive by establishing the Todd Thomas Foundation, in honor of his son.  His goal was to help raise awareness of the magnitude of mental illness and the effect it has on individuals as well as our society, to assist in decreasing the stigma associated with it and to support research for effective treatments.

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Therapist Vs Psychologist : Which One to Choose

A Family Guide to Psychiatric Hospitalization

Suicide Prevention – Peter H Thomas

Suicide Prevention Fact Sheet


Peter had a very active, full life in business and personally, and over the years had created a book he referred to as his “Goal Book”.  It contained countless nuggets of information he had collected from his many mentors and through his voracious appetite for reading and learning.  Through a series of events, in 2002 he and his wife, Rita, decided to formalize his goal book into what is now known as LifePilot, with Todd as their chairman and inspiration.   During the next decade of healing and giving back, Peter did very little actual business, but developed and raised money for Todd’s Foundation by teaching LifePilot.  LifePilot is a not for profit organization that provides workshops to empower and teach people to live their lives in alignment with their values.  LifePilot has graduates from all over the world ranging from senior business executives and students, to families and prison inmates.

The vision kept growing and in 2006 Thomas worked with Royal Roads University to create the Todd Thomas Institute for Values-Based Leadership on campus.  The Center was established to provide research in the field of values-based leadership and has evolved to become the Institute for Values-Based Leadership in 2011.

Dogtopia Foundation

The Dogtopia Foundation enables dogs to positively change our world.

To accomplish this, we currently are funding programs focused around three worthy causes:  Service Dogs for Veterans, Youth Literacy Programs and Employment Initiatives for Adults with Autism. The Foundation’s aim is to identify needs, fill gaps and integrate knowledge for continuous improvement in our areas of focus.

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Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) members are part of a trusted, invite-only community that elevates their business with concierge-level support. We provide entrepreneurs with the resources and social capital they need to succeed. Our work has been honored by Nasdaq and The White House – and recognized in media outlets worldwide.

Created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs  “the most elite entrepreneurship organization in America” — to date, the invite-only organization has accepted less than 10 percent of the over 14,000 applications — is helping disrupt business mentorship and the professional business organization model as we know it.

Paying it forward while supporting each other’s growth is integral to YEC’s mission to empower young entrepreneurs, who, across the board, believe that doing well and doing good are not mutually exclusive — nor should they be.

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Freedoms Door

Our vision at Freedom’s Door is to bring hope, healing and wholeness to men suffering from addiction. Providing a supportive living environment in which men recovering from addiction are offered the tools to transform their lives pursuing personal, academic and professional goals for the purpose of improving their quality of life and becoming productive members of society.

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